Apple Professional Development

Apple Professional Development
1:1 Classroom Management and Routines 

Visual Literacy Presentation      

Bloom's Taxonomy Resources:

Matching Bloom's Taxonomy with Digital 21st Century Student Skills

More in depth treatment of the Digital Bloom's taxonomy with ideas for implementation: Link

Managing the 1:1 Classroom Resources:

ISTE NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) for Students

Please create a Technology Integrated Lesson Plan where the students are using some of the skills you have learned over the summer with your laptop.

Each lesson plan should include:

  1. Learning Objective(s)for:
    • Content Area
    • Technology Skills
    • Visual Literacy
  2. Description of Student Activity
    • What will the students do?
    • What will they need to be shown/taught/step sheets?
    • What is the time frame for activity
  3. Complete one NETS students standards template (example and template below)
  4. Provide an assessment rubricthat reflects your Learning Objectives
    • Articulate for the students what kinds of things you will track progress on
    • Articulate for the students what their final product will be assessed by